This post on T-Nation really resonated for me because I have some version of this conversation over and over again:

Christmas Eve is our big family night.  We had 15 people over, family and friends, and an unreal amount of food.  I ate from 4:30 to 11:00pm.  More carbs in one night than I usually get in a week.  Sushi, turkey, cheese & rice crackers mostly plus 1 cup of wine and 2 cups of sparkling juice, a few handfuls of Chicago Mix popcorn, some of Sunghee’s coconut pudding and some of the freshest peanut brittle I have ever tasted.

It was a lot of food.  Enough to leave my back sore Christmas morning.  But I passed on the chocolates, the cookies, the cake, the chocolate mousse, the champagne, the rum, the Bailey’s and the eggnog.  I ate a lot, I indulged but I did not destroy myself the way I could have.  What was the secret to my restraint?  Knowing I had 200 wall balls and 3.6lm on the Airdyne awaiting me in the morning.  No excuses, no way to avoid it.

I knew that I would have to get up Christmas morning while most of Vancouver was sleeping and go downstairs for my CrossFit WOD.  Am I the only one with a screw loose?  No indeed.  Magnum sauntered in to face Diane, Super Mario & PomPom came with girls in tow to take on Jackie & Elizabeth respectively, Hero was on hand to do a rope climb-deadlift couplet and my wife joined us to play with Kettlebells.  If I’m a little nutty, at least I am surrounded by like-minded people.

Dunbar Street was empty but for a few pedestrians who stopped to take note of the fit group of Christmas morning crazies.

So what is the secret to being fit?  Success leaves clues.  Everyone knows how insanely fit Magnum is. Anyone who has been paying attention has noticed the huge improvements PomPom and Super Mario have made since joining us in early 2015.  How do you think that happened?

Commitment.  The kind of commitment that has them up CrossFitting Christmas morning.

Everyone has got a great excuse not to be training.  You do.  I do.  Magnum does.  PomPom does.  Some of us are OK with excuses.  Some of us are committed to results.  You can’t have both so you will have to let go of one.

Not enough time for training?  Not enough money?  Bullshit.  Are you trying to tell me that you can’t take 4 minutes to do a set of Tabata squats in a corner?  You know you could make the time and it won’t cost you any money.  But how many people do that?

Success is a product of consistent actions.  Get committed.  Want a quick and simple route to fitness that you can apply right now?  Put down that eggnog.  Go one rep less on the wine.  Skip the Christmas cookie AMRAP.

Then book yourself into the next available class, get into the gym and train.  Don’t wait for January 1st.  If you’re serious, act now.

Looking for a community as committed to fitness as you are?  You just found us