Front Squat 3 rep max was today’s theme and our focus here at CrossFit Empower was approaching the loading in an intelligent fashion.   The goal here was to complete 5 working sets of 3 in the neighbourhood of 80% of the athlete’s front squat 1 rep max.  Today’s group classes did a great job resulting in very good lifting form and some solid personal bests!
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Workouts like this one highlight the importance of tracking data and approaching training with a plan. The two most common errors are as follows:
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Training Error #1 More commonly describing men: I don’t know my numbers so I am just going to look at what so-and-so lifted and try to beat that.  This path leads to mixed results and puts lifters at risk of injury.  You will see this error happen daily at CrossFits all across Vancouver.  Injuries stall progress.  In training you should not be failing.  Gains should be predictable and methodical.
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Training Error #2 More commonly perpetrated by women: I don’t know my numbers so I am just going to lift light today.  There is certainly little risk of injury with this approach just as there is little possibility of progress.  It really doesn’t confer any significant fitness progress and really is a waste of a training session.
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We did not put scores up on the whiteboard so I don’t know exactly what each person lifted but there were some performances that were hard to miss.  Bruiser & Hard Rock to no one’s surprise front squatted obnoxiously heavy loads.
Mr. Fantastic tied my score with 245#.  Dangers was not content with a tie and lifted 250#.  CrossFit Empower veteran Brick in a bid to keep the upstarts in their place finished with a solid looking 255# setting a gym record with apparent ease.
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