11:15 am 3.28.21

Playlist: Take your Whiskey Home

Warm Up:

A. 1 minute each:

Easy Row or skipping
Active Samson 
Side Plank (30 Seconds Each)
Step Back Lunges
Moderate Row or faster skipping

B. 7 min ring row/elevated push-up mountain*

*Complete 1 pull up then 1 get up, then 2 pull-ups and 2 get-ups, continue adding 1 rep until 10 mins is up. See how far you get!


3 rounds:

1000m row

200 m loaded carry

20 dumbbell deadlifts

:75 second plank (left, center, right)

WOD Notes:  Row sub = 800 m run, 1000m ski or bike – approx. 5 min cardio effort. Select carry and deadlift weight you can complete with 1-2 breaks when fresh.

Cool Down: 

20 windshield wipers, 10 head nods/rotations, 20 hands and knees rocks, 10 1 legged rocks per side, dragon, pigeon, belly breathing on back with knees hugged to chest.

Feeling overwhelmed? Bring your focus to the moment at hand.  Tomorrow is far away and yesterday is gone.  Let’s win what is in front of us. 

Last Sunday of March 2021.  Enjoy and make the most!