11:15am 3.7.21


Warm Up:

10 Reps of each x 2

PVC Shoulder Pass Throughs

PVC Shoulder Press

PVC Kneeling Rotations

PVC Crunch-Ups

Full Body Rocks

Then: 2 mins jog/row/erg


6 Rounds:

*start workout with a 600 m run, run 600 m after every 2 rounds and end with 600 m run = 4 x 600 m runs in wod total.

9 Single Dumbbell Z- Press

15 Double Dumbbell Floor Press

21 Weighted AB Mat Sit-Ups

27 Leg Lifts Over Dumbbell

WOD Notes:

Select DB weight that provides a challenging set of each movement completed in largely in 1-2 sets.  Subs for weighted sit-ups = Russian twists, hanging knee raises, regular sit-ups, :60 second plank – alternate bw center, right, left per round, med-ball dead-bugs. Run subs = equal distance row/erg/bike/3 mins cardio mix (skipping/marching/burpees).  Reduced volume wod: 400 m run 5-10-15-20 rep scheme (4 rounds).

WOD movements tips:

  • Single Dumbbell Z-Press: Sit Tall Like Your Back is Against a Wall
  • Double Dumbbell Floor Press: Control Down, Pause, and Press Hard Up.
  • Weighted AbMat Sit-ups: Cradle the Bell High On the Body
  • Leg Lifts Over Dumbbell: Sit Tall with Legs Glued Together

Cool Down:  200 m walk.  10 of: Head nods/rotations, shoulder rolls forward and back, 10 bird dogs. 10 speed skaters, angel breathing on ab mat and cobra pose :60 seconds