Welcome to 2021! On Sunday we will get to have our first make up day of the year. It’s a great day to come in and do a workout you missed, work on some skills, or take on the added workout.

The make up day workout will be: a twenty minute amrap of twenty medball cleans and sixty double unders. For this workout you should focus on fully opening your hip on the clean and nose breathing through the double unders.  The other three options are great workouts if you missed any of them.  I especially enjoyed workout number three, it was a great challenge.

I am looking forward to a great day of training on Sunday and to seeing you on zoom or in an open gym.



  1. Cfhq 12 days of xmas

1 wall walk

2 candle sticks

3 burpees

4 push ups

5 lunges

6 squats

7 sit ups

8 jump squats

9 jumping lunges

10 broad jumps


12 pistols


  1. Hang squat snatch


3. chipper

60 sit ups

50 T2B

40 GHD sit ups

30 pull ups

20 strict pull ups

10 bar mu


  1. 20 minute amrap

20 medball cleans 14/20

60 DU