It is Sunday day and another opportunity to take on a workout you missed. Zoomers and those coming to the open gym take a look at the options and come in with your questions. I will be there to help you get a great workout out in or a great day of skill practice and skill development.

The makeup day option was a really good one. I tested it Friday afternoon and it is a sub ten minute workout. Because it is a quick one your warm up will be twenty minute of slips and then we will spend some time warming up the kettle bell swing, goblet squat, and push up. If 24 and 32 kilograms are aggressive weights we will scale appropriately to make sure you get a good workout. Even if we are not hitting the ceiling weights challenge yourself on the swing.

You vs you

In all matters of conflict the first obstacle to overcome is you. Regardless of if it’s a physical confrontation, challenging workout, applying for the career of your dreams, etc. Winning that internal fight is very important in being able to put your best foot forward.  To quote Dan Millman: “If you face just one opponent, and you doubt yourself, you’re outnumbered.”

I came in for a workout recently and it would typically be an easy one (ghd sit ups and Rowing) but my internal conversation was off. The workout was essentially me fighting me. I am glad that the workout got done but it was far from my best performance. What has helped is acknowledging it and spending some time to see what is going on for me. Not judging but being present to it.

Where we may fall down in this process is blaming it on external factors, ie the workout was programmed to heavy, my kids are acting up, that boss is a jerk, etc. You can have a positive internal conversation independent from those external factors. As long as we take responsibility and don’t blame it on the other things we have power in what matters to us in life. Next time if you are interested, we can talk about fight two.

We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym for Sunday funday.




  1. 1

20 minute amrap

25 ft oh lunge

8 burpee overs

25 ft oh lunge

8 c2b


  1. Lorenzo

1000 m Run


5 rounds

15 push ups

20 Med ball cleans 14/20

21 Burpees


1000m run


  1. DeadLift



  1. KBs Goblet Squats and Push ups

15 KBS 1.5/ 2 pood


Goblet squats 1.5/2 pood

Push ups