On this Sunday we have some fun workouts for you. You can take on one you missed or we have some slips and a twenty minute EMOM.  Other exciting news is this will be the first day with the new set up in the gym.

At this time of year it is easy to take time off and just focus on enjoying the holidays. But I invite you to keep making little steps forward on your fitness journey. You do not need to bury yourself but getting some good movement in each day will go a long way.

The Sunday funday Challenge: one get some good movements in and two do something that brings you joy. Looking forward to seeing you on zoom and showing off the new rig set up.



QOD: Best part of your weekend

  1. 3 rounds

500m Row

20 HSPU (deficit, strict, then kipping)


  1. Hang Squat Cleans



  1. Chipper

5 rounds

25 reps of each

KBS 1.5 pood/2 pood

Ghd sit-ups

Back extensions



  1. Slips

40 minutes of SLIPS


  1. Twenty Minute EMOM

Odd Minutes 35 DU

Even Minutes 15 hollow rocks