Right before all the turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, and gravy we will have another Sunday make up day. What will be your strategy to seize the day?

Make up days are a great opportunity to catch up on a workout you missed or develop a skill. The workout that was added will be a gymnastics EMOM (Every minute on the minute) workout.  Since the shut down these types of workouts have been great for us to work on skills and this will be the first gymnastics one.

Expect many more to come down the pipeline, because we have many body weight movements to master. EMOM’s can be a great format to work on our movement. Think of Sunday as a way to get you moving and come in prepared to take advantage of the whole hour. If your workout is only ten minutes that leaves a lot of time for warm up and cool down.

Before turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, and gravy how will you spend your time in the gym and how will you make sure it is moving you forward?




Make up day

  1. ½ marathon row or 40minutes of cardio


  1. DB step ups and Push press

5 rounds 2 mins on/ 2 mins off

20 db step ups 16/20” 35/50#

Max db push press 35/50#


  1. 5 Rounds

800m run

25 OHS 55/75#

25 SDHP 55/75#


  1. 40 Mins SLIPS


  1. 10 min EMOM


5 squats

5 push ups

5 sit ups