What is your game plan for Sunday’s make up day? We have had some big workouts before and we have some big ones coming after. What will be the best use of your time and help you move forward towards your goals?

For me with the bar cleaning party, Saturday is going to be my rest day. The work I will get done is helping Iron dam on her farm moving some heavy logs, and of course cleaning some barbell. Now what about you? Will you rest, do a reset, a workout you missed or develop a skill that you have been putting off?


The choice is in your hands; let’s make sure it’s a better choice than letting a bear come into a gas station.  The best part about the funday will be, the barbells look all clean and shinny.  So we at least have that to look forward to even if your choice for Sunday is heavy 17.5.

Please come in prepared with a solid plan especially because we had some big workouts before and we will have some big workouts after Sunday Funday.

Sunday Make up day

  1. Heavy 17.5

9 thrusters 85/125#

35 DU


  1. 50 cal row


50L-pull ups


50 inverted burpees

50 T2B

50 cal row


  1. Clean and Jerk



  1. 40 mins SLIPS


  1. 50-40-30-20-10


Med ball cleans 14/20#

Box jumps 20/24”