Sunday you get another chance to do a workout you missed or take on one of the alternative options. Regardless of what you choose, we will make sure you get a good training day in.

Saturday’s WOD

For time:

15 bar muscle-ups

5 overhead squats

10 bar muscle-ups

10 overhead squats

5 bar muscle-ups

15 overhead squats

Scaling options:

Pick a weight that you can do at least 5 reps per set when fresh. For bar muscle-up progressions, use bands to assist with the muscle-ups or do pull-ups and ring dips.

Friday’s WOD

5 rounds for time of:

Swim 100 yards

30 push-ups

If you are in the gym, you can substitute the swim for a 400-meter row, 600m on Schwinn Airdyne bike, 1.2km on the Rogue Echo Bike, 400-meter run, or 400-meter on the ski-erg.

Thursday’s WOD

For time:

45 kettlebell swings

400-m run

35 kettlebell swings

800-m run

25 kettlebell swings

1200-m run

15 kettlebell swings

Rx: 24kg/32kg KBs

Scaling options:

Reduce the load of the kettlebell but pick a weight that is challenging.

Alternative Option

40-minute SLIPS

Scales (front and back scales)

L-sit (using a parallette with 90-degree angle with both legs up, a W-sit on the parallette, or floor sit)

Inversions (kick-up against a wall, then bring knees down as slowly as possible to roll out as fluid and controlled as possible, handstand hold, or pike off box)

Plank hold

Stretch (tricep stretch with a band, hip flexor stretch/couch stretch with arms overhead, etc.)

Below is a great video on SLIPS.