Make the most of your make-up day by choosing one of the three workouts you missed. We have some great options for you to do today. For those who have done these workouts, you can do some skills practice.

L-sit, Ring Push-ups, and DUs

20- minute AMRAP

30-second ring L-sit

15 ring push-ups

50 double-unders

If you are zooming in for this workout and you don’t have gymnastic rings, use double dumbbells, kettlebells, or a chair for the L-sit holds. You can also use the dumbbells and kettlebells for your push-ups. If you don’t have a skipping rope, do penguin claps instead.

Burpees and GHDs

4 rounds of:

1 minute of burpees

1 minute of GHD sit-ups

Rest 1 minute

If you’re new to GHD sit-ups, scale to V-ups or Abmat sit-ups. Your score will be your total reps but make sure to include reps completed each round to comments.

Test 3

Tabata Squat

Max reps of muscle-ups in 4 minutes

Option 4

Skills practice

This is your chance to work on skill development.