If you didn’t make it to the gym this week, here’s your chance to try out some of the online semifinal event workouts you missed.

Online Semifinal Event 6:


10 rounds FT:

3 clean and jerks

3 burpees over the bar

RX: 95#/135#

Online Semifinal Event 5:

For time:

2K row

60-meter handstand walk

5 legless rope climbs

1K row

40-meter handstand walk

4 legless rope climbs

500 meter row

20-meter handstand walk

3 legless rope climbs

Online Semifinal Event 4

10-minute AMRAP:

10 snatches

Rest 1 minute

10 snatches

Rest 1 minute

10 snatches

Rest 1 minute

Max-rep snatches in time remaining. Weight increases after each rest period.

RX: 85-125-145-165/135-185-225-245

If you’ve done all three, then here’s a Reset WOD you can do to recover so you’re ready for Monday’s workout.

Empower Reset 13

1 minute belly breathing on back, knees to chest

30/30 second head nods/rotations

2 minutes of frog rolls

2 minutes of:
20 Cross-touch Dead Bugs
10 Windshield Wipers

2 minutes of:
10 Rocking Judo Push-Ups
10 Cross Crawl Planks

3 Rounds of:
Hands and Knees Box Crawl

Leopard Box Crawl

3 minutes of:
10 Get Ups (alternate sides)
20 Cross Crawls

1 minute Bar Hang
400-meter Plate Carry @25/45#