With the open coming to a close, this weekend, we have another make up day for you. There are some good options to choose from. The makeup day option will be: four rounds of a four hundred meter run and one minute handstand hold. If you don’t have a wall to kick up to, you can put your feet on a box, couch, or hold a barbell overhead for your minute hold.

Thought for today

I have been confronted by a lot of change recently. From covid restrictions, to coaching zoom classes, to work hours shifting, etc.  Since 2020 there has been no lack of change and adaptation. Like anyone my first response to any change is resistance even if the change is good for me and others. The only thing that has helped me in this process, of many changes, is having faith and looking at how the changes will have a positive outcome.  When we let go and can be open sometimes the changes lead to things being better than we imagined. I am still impressed with how good the zoom option has been to keep people on track.

What changes in your life have you been consciously or unconsciously resisting? Is it fear of the unknown that holds you back, or is it focusing on the negative aspects of the change? Try thinking about these questions next time you fear an upcoming change. We look forward to seeing you all on zoom and in the open gym.



  1. 2/17.1


DB Snatches 35/50


Burpee box jump overs 20/24


  1. Back Squat



  1. Cindy

20 minute amrap

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 Squats


  1. Run and Handstand hold

4 rnds

400m Run

1 minute handstand hold