Closing out November. Way to keep your fitness going during this challenging month all! You’ve been thrown many curve balls but you’ve worked around them and kept going.  It’s been great to have you taking down wods on Zoom, in Open Gyms and also to know when you’ve been fitting it in on your own.  Thanks so much! To a month of healthy, happy, holidays ahead! Let the festive spirit also infuse our December workouts.

Sunday Athletics 11.29.20 11:15 am


1 mile run, 2km row, ski erg, bike or 10 minute combo of Cross Crawls, Marching and Get-Ups i.e. do each movement for as long as wished then move on to the next for 10 mins total movement.

Then: 4 rounds:

40 weighted lunges

30 strict hanging knee raises

20 paused goblet squats

10 odd object ground to over the shoulder throws

1 min re-set rest between rounds*.


50 elevated, tight body push-ups.  Choose surface height that allows sets of 10, maintaining plank position, chest making contact with surface, elbows in tight.

*Re-set minute = choose one of the following to complete during minute rest:

Standing head nods/rotations

Standing belly/nasal breathing

Hands and Knees Rock

Rocking chair

Bird Dogs

Hands and Knee or Dragon Crawl

No timer? Complete 10-20 reps of chosen re-set between rounds vs a minute.

WOD Notes:  Consider using an odd object held at chest for lunges and squats i.e. a sandbag, slam ball, medicine ball, sack of rice or select a challenging DB or plate.  Ensure proud chest on lunges and squat. Slow is strong for this wod. Pause at bottom of squat with weight for a second before standing.  Use a weight that requires at least 1 break on the 40 lunges; this will also be your squat weight.  Take object from ground to overhead if not appropriate to throw over shoulder and increase reps to 15-20 if better challenge.  Sub for hanging knee raises is lying toe raises.