Warm up
20 mins SLIPS
S: 1 min wrist stretch/ rock
1 min couch stretch (L)
1 min couch stretch (R)
1 min full rock

L: 2 mins L raises ( all types)
2 mins hold (W alternate legs to full)

I: 2min hold and slow decent
2 mins walk and HSPU

P: 1min (L, M, R)
1 min knee to elbow

S: 1 min L (front, back, and sideways)
1 min R (front, back, and sideways)
2 mins eyes closed alternate sides

Single Arm OHS
Make sure you have your object ready before SLIPS (dumbbell, kettlebell, backpack, barbell, etc)

5X3 single arm ohs L
5X3, single arm ohs R
(with in 5 mins we will do both sides)

Cool down
Trunk rotations
Downward dog
Cobra pose
Child pose

Athletics News V. 11: Beach Fit: Sand Training
Sand Training
Movement of the week: Wall Sit
May Challengers Update: Hitting Half-Way
Long Weekend Athletics WODs

Sand Training
Two months since the gym closed friends.  Want a change from your yard, garage or living room workouts?  Join me on a sandy beach!  Love beachside location of gym. From Jericho Beach to Spanish Banks West a long strip of sandy terrain awaits.   My experience is extra strength is derived from training in sand. The summer of 2017 I did one workout a week at a sandy beach. 13 workouts total, with the first workout re-tested on the last day, to assess if gains made. Truth be told it was not smooth sailing.  Mid-way, I questioned my sanity.  Was this a necessary act?  Trudging through sand? The day in question was grey and overcast, sprinkling. At Locarno beach, not a soul about at start. Shortly through workout, I spotted two individuals in the distance. Were they doing burpees? Couldn’t tell and resumed workout. Coming up for air awhile later I spotted a large dude lunging towards me with a huge log held overhead. He was covered in sand, his CrossFit shirt dripping wet, his partner calling orders. They stopped to talk and were two guys in their early forties, buff, up from the States, training for a Navy Seal event. They were a couple of hours into a workout, using sand to their advantage.  My wod paled quickly. Inspired by their example, I thought there is method to this madness and took it as sign to carry on.

The weekly beach work out experiment paid off. I did get faster and stronger that summer. My re-test wod was easier and I knocked a solid chunk of time off my first go.  Dumbbell movements in the gym felt simpler. It did not last though. The gym moved to its new location, I started coaching, married myself to gym workouts and, until this month, had not done a sand workout since my summer experiment ended.  My love for sand training has now been restored! So, this summer, as we wait for the gym to re-open, consider adding a beach workout to your mix. Grab dumbbells or a kettlebell and do the workout of the day in the sand.  See what you think.  You’ll enjoy beautiful views while gaining strength. That’s a promise.

Before you hit it there are a couple of things to consider about adding sand training to your regime.

It will seem difficult at first as the varied terrain makes you work harder. More bang for your buck. It will improve your conditioning and lead to smoother sailing on the gym floor. Hang in there. Try at least 3 workouts before determining if it is for you.

Sand is an unstable surface. Start slow, get your bearings and sort your footing.  Wear shoes, unless accustom to bare foot training. Watch out for holes and sticks, pay solid attention to your footing.  Embrace the extra balance and agility training.  Build up tolerance.  Utilize shorter distances and strides. Harder sand is easier than soft, begin there.

Pedicure maintenance (important to some!). When the time comes, get a gel pedicure. It holds up better but wearing shoes and socks will really maintain your polish.

Dodging people.  Beach workouts are best done in the early morning before the crowds arrive.  Early hours provide a more tranquil experience.  If later in the day, hit less populated sections or go when tide out.

Avoid heat of the day at all costs. Bring water. Hat for shade.

If can muster it, jump in ocean afterwards for a refreshing jolt. You will feel great!

Movement of the Week: The Wall Sit
You may have observed Corey warming up for WODs by hanging out on the wall in a seated position.  He is doing a Wall Sit. Have you tried it?  I had not done one for ages but recently did two workouts with Wall Sits included and became a fan for its simple effectiveness. It looks easy enough but is deceptive. I struggled with 30 secs out of the gate but hold length increased with practice.  Wall Sits improve the muscular endurance of your entire lower body – glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves and are worth incorporating weekly.  If it gets too easy, add weight or switch to a single leg version.

Simple set-up:
Using the wall as back support, slide down wall, into a seated position just below parallel. Feet should be approximately shoulder width apart.  Be sure to get low enough. Hit squat depth and hold. Keep hips and shins at 90 degrees. No knees over toes.  Stay upright. If form is suffering take a break.

Wall Sit workouts to try
2 Rounds of:  :15 sec wall sit, rest a minute :30 sec wall sit, rest a minute :45 sec wall sit, rest a minute. :60 second wall sit

2-4 Rounds of:
1 minute Plank Hold
1 minute Wall Sit Hold
1 minute rest
5 min Wall Sit hold.  Every break perform 20 sit-ups.

May Challengers Update
We have hit the halfway mark!  Two Challengers adapted their challenge goal to better meet their needs.  A great approach. Adapt and adjust. Do not give up.  At our check-in this week we talked about how it was hard to get going. But once started and in a rhythm, momentum builds and is something to hang onto when the going gets tough.  Don’t want to start again at ground zero.  Many of us have found ourselves at the end of the day needing to tackle our daily habit challenge before bed, some even crawling out, to complete. Full salute for getting it done!  Challengers report feeling better, more productive, clothing looser, extra limber, better centered and creative writing juices flowing more freely. Nice work! On to our second leg.

Athletics Weekend WODs.  Two to try.  

Carry On  FT
100 Air Squats, 100 Meter Farmers Carry
50 Sit-ups, 100 Meter Farmers Carry
80 Air Squats, 100 Meter Farmers Carry
40 Sit-ups, 100 Meter Farmers Carry
60 Air Squats, 100 Meter Farmers Carry
30 Sit-ups, 100 Meter Farmers Carry
40 Air Squats, 100 Meter Farmers Carry
20 Sit-ups, 100 Meter Farmers Carry
20 Air Squats, 100 Meter Farmers Carry
10 Sit-ups, 100 Meter Farmers Carry
source: comptrain May 14, 2020

Solid farmer’s carry workout.  Use weight that allows you to go unbroken.  Worth it if carries missed during lockdown.  Keep your steps quick, chest tall, midline tight. Avoid hunching. 30+ minute wod..

If you don’t have a 100 m straight away for Farmer’s Carry, march in place with DB at side for 90

Mad Dog FT*
DB squat clean thrusters (clusters)
Log over burpees
200m sand jog between rounds

*beach experiment testing WOD

At a sandy beach, do 21 clusters, then 21 burpees over a log, then 200 m sand jog, then 18 squat clean thrusters, 18 burpees, 200 m sand jog and so on…

Use a light weight for clusters i.e. could do 21 reps in two sets, if not unbroken (see demo video above).
No log? Leap over dumbbells for burpees.

Sub a minute of skipping, steps ups or fast walking for run.

Train on!