Sunday WOD 
Warm up
4 mins yoga flow
4 mins plank 1:20 (R,M,L)
4 mins scales 1 min each leg 2 mins eyes closed

3 rnds
20 sec SU
10 sec rest
Set up station, test damper setting
3 rnds
20 sec du attempt
10 sec rest

15 min Amrap
500 m row
50 DU
25 burpees

10 m of row you 1 rep
Scaling options for row, 50 SDHP, 400 m run, 1000 m bike
Scaling options Du:Penguin claps, DU attempts, Double singles

Cool down
Crazy ninja fingers
Calf drops
Calf raises
Hip crossover

Athletics V. 13  What an Athletics Class Can Do For You!

  • Athletics Fitness Framework
  • May Healthy Habit Challenge Recap & Congrats
  • Movements of the Week

Athletics Fitness Framework
It has been over two months since our last Athletics gym class.  To get us back in the swing let’s take a moment to talk about the purpose of this gym class and the role it can play in our health and fitness, especially during these challenging times.  My goal is for class attendees to leave feeling better than when they arrived.  It is a must.  My hope is that the class gives you a chance to take a break and focus on yourself for an hour.  This break is especially important given the extra effort it takes to navigate our current world.  A lot of uncertainty remains.  Will we experience a second wave and what will that mean?  How long will we work from home? When will our kids go back to school? Can they go to summer camp?  Will we be able to get away this summer?  The City is loosening restrictions and playgrounds, parks and some restaurants are open.  We can shop at Lululemon or MEC if we have the tolerance to wait outside in line, but life is far from normal and there are many unknowns.  But, what we do have control over is our day to day routines, how we eat, how we workout and the value we place on our well-being and fitness.  We can choose to grow stronger this summer among it all.

So what can an Athletics class offer you right now?  Class size is limited to a maximum of 6 participants, and the focus is on providing a personalized approach to meeting your fitness goals.  Our goal is to start where we are and to work with what we have for where we are today.  When you attend a class we will take a look at the workout of the day and determine how you can best approach the workout to achieve your goals. We may adjust the rep scheme, we may alter the load, we may substitute a different movement entirely.

The class programming consists of variations of basics movements such as: squats, lunges, presses, thrusters, farmer’s carries, strict pull-ups, push-ups,  ring-rows, box jumps, wall balls, kettlebell swings, skipping, running, rowing, sled pushes and core work.  The goal is for attendees to become proficient at these fundamental movements by completing challenging workouts that strengthen, tone and condition the entire body.  Classes are designed to burn fat, build muscle and increase your endurance and stamina.

Class COVID-19 safety measures:  Please review new gym procedures before attending and see gym video below for description of measures in place to keep attendees safe.  You will have your own station for the duration of your workout, no equipment sharing. Please come dressed to work out, no change rooms at present.  Belongings will be kept at your stations.  Not ready to return to the gym? We have a Zoom spots available.  Alternatively, if you want to know the WOD to complete at another time email me:  [email protected]

In my world, slow and steady wins the race.  Take it one workout at a time.  These consistent steps yield great results over time. Let’s get back.

Athletics June 2020 WOD schedule

Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and Sundays at noon at CFE

Solstice Workout 8AM Saturday June 20 at Locarno Beach

May 2020 Healthy Habit Challenge Completed!
Congratulations to our May Challengers for seeing it through.  The month was made better with you on board.  I am happy to say goodbye to daily broomstick Overhead squats.  In addition to finishing 25 different Bingo challenges this month, some completed habit changes I can share are: QuickSilver incorporated daily stretching for ten minutes morning and night, CPA drank 8 cups of water a day, Kathy gave up candy, HardRock logged her meals daily in My Fitness Pal, Gymkata and DK practiced daily meditation and Mark wrote creatively for 30 minutes per day, Candace lost the booze and Joely added daily exercise into her routine.  Impressive! Stand proud, take the positives from the experience, and put into practice going forward.

Looking for a June challenge? Come to an Athletics class!

Movements of the week: Single arm DB Russian Swings and Single Arm DB Farmer’s Carry
I am surprised by how hard it is to maintain a stable mid-line and not twist in the single arm DB swing and single DB Farmer’s carry.  The movements made me work hard on my core strength and I had to go lighter to maintain decent form.  Try it and see what you think. If need to, go lighter to start.  Move up in weight if stability can be maintained as evidenced by no leaning to one side.

WOD to try: Abby
6 rounds
10/10 Single Arm DB Russian Swings
60 second plank (L side round 1, middle round 2, R side round 3 repeat rounds 4-6)
10 Weighted Ab Mat sit-ups
200 m single arm Farmer’s Carry (switch arms at 100 m)
Single Arm DB Russian Swing

Set up: Hold dumbbell vertically.  Get set by squeezing the glutes. Big breath in. Tight stomach. Load weight back between legs and drive up/launch with hip swing. Think quality over speed.  Swing DB up to eye level. You can keep your other arm on your hip for balance, or in front of you.  Will need to find what works best for you.  Stance = feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly out.  Keep back flat and chest up.

Single arm Farmer’s Carry,
Frequently called a suitcase carry.  To execute, grab one dumbbell and hold it at your side.  Go as heavy as you can for about a minute walk, while maintaining a tall chest, shoulder blades back, erect posture and no lean to one side. If toppling to one end DB is too heavy.

To a good June 2020. Fresh month. Bring it on.