Building strong arms and legs in this Sunday’s workout. The key to hitting this one effectively is to set it up right for where you are at. We want continuous movement at a quick pace, short breaks only to shake out.  Challenging movements but without bottleneck.

Focus: ACCURACY: “Work smarter, not harder.”

Accuracy.  It’s one of the 10 General Physical Skills.  Why focus on accuracy today? We learned at the CrossFit Level One that precision of movement has a dramatic impact on performance.  It gives us the best bang for our buck and is worth the investment in time to “get it right’.  When we talk about increasing our accuracy, we are referring to moving objects to their best mechanical advantage and leverage, thus conserving energy that would otherwise be lost.  The more accurate we are in our movements,  the more we can accomplish in less time and become more fit for it.  In today’s workout let’s choose movements and weights that help us master the tasks at hand as precisely as possible. In fact, you could consider making accuracy your theme for the week ahead! In the gym and in life, let’s make the most of it!


Complete as much as possible in 12 minutes of:

1 weighted muscle-up
5 medicine-ball cleans
2 weighted muscle-ups
10 medicine-ball cleans
3 weighted muscle-ups
15 medicine-ball cleans
4 weighted muscle-ups
20 medicine-ball cleans

… continue adding 1 muscle-up and 5 med-ball cleans per round.

General Warm-Up

1 min each x 4 rounds

  • Full Body Rocks to squat and stand
  • Band Pull-Aparts
  • Skipping or Cross-Crawls

Specific Warm-Up – 2 rounds of:

5 MB Deadlifts
5 MB Deadlift Shrugs
5 MB Front Squats
5 MB Shrug & Pull Under
5 MB Cleans

  • Muscle Up Kneeling Transitions

Individual Tech/Practice/WOD Set-up Gym/Zoom

Muscle Up Modification options (push/pull combos):

  • ring row plus push-up
  • pull-up plus push-up
  • pull-up (strict/kipping/c2b) plus ring dip
  • Dumbbell push-up to dumbbell row
  • Burpee pull-up
  • Muscle up transitions (with bands or without)
  • Reduce muscle-up reps to consistent achievable # per round

Medicine Ball Clean

  • No equipment = jump squats or air squats x 3
  • Odd object squat clean
  • Dumbbell squat cleans

Cool Down options:

  • 200 meter walk, swing arms focus on nasal breathing
  • Lying pec stretch
  • Reaching pigeon pose
  • Belly Breathing knees hugged to chest

To a Sunday in the summer!