Sunday’s monster

On Sunday we have a big one for you. For those that need to work on gymnastics or are trying to get prepared for the next time Cindy comes up this will be a treat for you. It starts with an eight hundred meter run, which adds to how good your pull ups will feel.


Come in with a plan for a How you will tackle the body weight movements. Ie what is the best progression of the push up for you today? Zoomers watch the videos below for pull up alternatives and I look forward to helping you find an option that will get you the best training day.

Phases in training

What is the Bright spot of your workout today? I have had this question in my head a lot recently as I am in a down phase of my training. We all love the up phases.  You know, the times that you come into the gym to lift light and add five pounds to your snatch pr. That is just not where I am at right now. I am more at the add two minutes to a beach mark place in my training right now.  But lucky for me I have been training a long time and know a level up is coming.

In those down Phase sometimes the bright spot can be as simple as I got in there and got it done or that was a fun one and I really enjoyed those movements. In training and in life you will go through those times that you don’t feel at the top of your game. Are you willing to stay consistent in those times to come out on the other side?  I know it’s hard but sometimes you just need to tell yourself you got this and do the best you can in that moment.

I look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym for this one.


QOD: Best part of your weekend

Warm up (1 minute each)

Hip swings

Shoulder pass throughs

Full body rocks

Marching or High knees

Hollow rocks


Run (40 Burpees, 800m ski or row, 1200 airdyne, 1600m echo)

Pull up

Push up



3 rounds

800m run

30 pull ups

40 push ups

50 squats

Cool down

Dragon and pigeon poses

Cobra and child poses