Here is our little cadet on parade in commemoration of the battle of the Atlantic.  You can pick him out easily because he’s a head shorter than the other cadets.

A wonderful, sunny Sunday.  I woke around 6am and worked until about 8am.  Rising and reaching for my socks I felt my low back tweak.  Not a bad tweak but ouch.  Blame it on pistols + cheesecake:(

Then we drove Kaelin to North Vancouver for his cadets parade.  From Dunbar through to Stanley Park roads closed for the marathon.  But we made it through.  I had done my CrossFit WOD yesterday so a rest day for me today.

We ran into HHH at the parade as her father was playing in the band.

From there we headed to Cates Park where we met Mellow, Taskmaster & the kids.  A lovely park, a perfect day.  A little frisbee, a lot of BBQ and even more conversation.  A perfect, work-free afternoon.

Returning home we had a little early Mother’s Day surprise for Sunghee.

I finished up some work, then we watched a Netflix movie until bedtime.