“Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” – Dan Pena

Thought of the day

Aim to surround yourself by good people who hold themselves and those around them to higher standards. At empower we are lucky to have a likeminded community of people that do just that. In and out of the gym we are always holding ourselves to the highest standards and pushing to be one percent better.

I was not always a part of such a great group. But have been humbled to be able to call so many amazing people my friends. This year started out for many of us a bit rocky. But because of amazing connections and being surrounded by amazing people we have become stronger. You may not have hit every goal yet but with the people that you are around you are on the path. Continue to strive to be a little better each day and continue to hold yourself and other to higher standards.

If you have been having challenges or need a little more accountability reach out to your coach. We are here to help hold you to higher standards. And help you achieve things you had only wished for. Being around great people is what will put you on the path to victory in and out of the gym.

Wall Balls-Toes to Bars- Box Jumps

Tuesday’s workout will not be a make up day. With the holiday open gyms. Monday and Friday will be the make up days for the next two weeks.  On Tuesday you will get to take on a fifteen minute AMRAP of wall balls, toes to bar (T2B), and box jumps. When I tackled this workout the only mission was to go unbroken on each movement. I was able to manage that goal and cruise through a fun workout. Depending on your ability with the above movements, we will help you find the challenge that is right for you.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow. If you are missing tomorrow you will have the opportunity to make up this one on Friday’s make up day. Close the year out with some solid training.  We are excited to start 2024 strong.


Warm up

2 rnds

Hip swing

Med ball clean

Kangaroo hop

Bar hang/ beat swing

Hollow hold/rocks


Wall Balls


Box Jumps


15 Minute AMRAP ( 10 Reps of Each)

Wall Ball 14/20#


Box Jumps 20/24”

Cool Down

  • Leon