Kudos to Thursday’s Zoom attendees who took on various modified versions of the single-arm OHS-Strict MU WOD, you can see their results below.

The question of the day was: what CrossFit movements do you find the most challenging.
1 vote back roll to support and MU
2 votes squats and handstand
5 votes ohs
7 votes pull ups
I can’t believe that no one mentioned L-Sits or pistols!

Friday’s Question: What is your your favourite vacation destination?
Please review the warm up and workout tech in advance including the links to instructive videos provided.  have all your equipment ready and join us 5 minutes before the hour so we can sort out any technical glitches and start together on time.

Warm Up
2 rounds:
1 min each
Shoulder Pass Throughs (broomstick or band or belt)
Romanian Deadlifts (broomstick, band or light backpack/dumbbell/kettlebell)
Goblet Squats (light backpack/dumbbell/kettlebell/stack of text books)
Forward/backward Floor Rock
Bent Over Row (light dumbbells/kettlebells/backpack or band)


Weightlifting Bodyweight Movements
Deadlift Push Up
Squat Clean Pull Up or Inverted Row or Bent Over Row (bands not required)
Hang Power Snatch Sit Up (abmat not required)

WOD: Tabata Mash Up v.2
5 Rounds:
20 sec Deadlift @215#, 10 sec rest
20 sec Push Ups, 10 sec rest
5 Rounds:
20 sec squat Cleans @125#, 10 sec rest
20 sec Pull Ups, 10 sec rest
5 Rounds:
20 sec Hang Power Snatch @75#, 10 sec rest
20 sec Sit Ups, 10 sec rest

The logistics of setting this up without equipment certainly concerned me but it turned out the beach provided everything we needed and we didn’t even need to go far to find it.  Getting everything in the shot for recording was the hardest part and I’m disappointed the pull ups got cut off because I was proud of those.  It turned out to be a fun workout and as an added bonus, we provided some curious entertainment to passing dogs.

First off, you are going to need lifting implements at three different weights: Heavy (deadlift), medium (squat clean) and light (hang power snatch) for your three different lifts.  I used a log, medium stone and smaller stone, HeeHee used my medium stone, smaller stone and some driftwood.  The log was much heavier than 215lbs and its structure limited my range of motion preventing me from getting full extension at the top but I enjoyed the challenge, especially how the log tried to roll out of my hands every rep so I was always fighting to control it.

For the body weight movements, you will need a push up station, a pull up station and a sit up station.  The pull up is the most challenging.  We were lucky to have a big log we could hang off.   If you don’t have a handy place to hang, an inverted row can substitute (see yesterday’s truck tail gate inverted row) or if you have exercise bands you can use them to do banded rows.  Failing that you can do bent over rows using a weighted implement (dumbbell, barbell, back pack).

If you’re doing this one on your own, keeping your timer in sight is key as you only get 20 second work intervals.  Remember, in each section you are alternating back and forth between a lifting and a body weight movement.  Every 5 minutes you change which two movements you are pairing.  10 seconds is not a long break so I found it best to keep a running count of total reps performed (206 across all 15 minutes).

Make sure you have enough ceiling height for the snatches and that if you are pulling up from a structure, that it is strong enough to hold your weight.