On Tuesday we will get to perform 5 Tabata intervals. We have many scaling options to make it possible for you at home and with us on zoom.

Tabata Back Squat

For this tabata you can throw on a back pack, use dumbbells, barbell or odd object. There are many options to get your squat on.

L- Sit hold

For those without any equipment you can do these easily on the floor and for those with dumbbells or kettlebells you can use them to hold on to. If the L- sit is hard you can do a w sit or hollow hold.

Ring Rows

Watch the video below and there will be many scaling options based off of what you have access to.

Hand Stand hold

These hold can be done against a sturdy wall and for those without a wall, that can support you, put your feet on your coach in a pike position. If getting upside down is not going to work, you can perform and over head hold with an object.

Cal Row

If you have a rowing machine or other cardio machine its easy. Use it to count your calories and add them to your score.  If you don’t have a piece of cardio equipment you will perform sumo deadlift high pulls (SDHP) and divide the number of reps by two to get your score. For example if you get one hundred SDHP your score will be fifty.  You can perform your SDHP with a back pack, broom stick, kettlebell, barbell or dumbbell.


We will have one minute between each Tabata interval. Each Tabata will be four minutes of twenty seconds of work and ten seconds of rest. Which equals eight rounds of each movement and your score will add up your reps, time, and calories.  See you on zoom.



Warm up

2 rnds

1 minute of each

Hip swings

Hollow hold

Back lunges

Full body rocks


Wod movements and Scaling



Back squat

L-sit hold

Ring Row

Hand Stand hold

Calorie Row

1 minute of rest between Tabata’s

Cool down

Arm raises

Dragon pose

Pigeon pose

Child pose