It was a proper grey, rainy Vancouver day but inside on Dunbar Street we were having fun with the Tawdy 200 a beefed up mutant version of the infamous CrossFit benchmark WOD the Filthy 50 aka Santa Cruz 500 aka Chuck Norris.

The 200 turned down the volume and dialed up the difficulty settings offering up a movements promising to challenge every athlete.  Whether it was the 42″ box jump, the bar muscle up, pistols, or triple unders just about every super hero could find their kryptonite on the list of WOD movements.

But as we do, our members stepped up to the challenge and made significant break throughs from Haiku owning the 42″ box jump to Magnum getting his first triple under then speeding through 49 more to Shades, G-Money, Terminator & newcomer Peter all getting their first T2B!

Lots of personal bests again today.  Thanks Tawdry 200 for bringing out the best in us:)