2015-10-17 11.04.27
This was the final event for the CrossFit Team Series, a 7 rep front squat max.  On this lovely Vancouver day our Dunbar Street classes got to try it out.

Dangers improved on his competition score with 220#, Mr. Fantastic completed at 195# so he could knock Dr. T to third place with his 185#.
2015-10-17 07.43.582015-10-17 10.50.27
Bruiser repeated her competition score of 140# while FeProf & HeeHee tied for 2nd with 100#.
2015-10-17 08.51.502015-10-17 08.53.58
There were several personal bests today!
2015-10-17 07.43.522015-10-17 08.51.01
Later the Team WOD saw a solid turnout.

Mellow, Taskmaster, Haiku & I teamed up. Music Man, The Touch, Big Cat & Super Mario were the other team.

We went through 5 grueling stations once again blessed with unseasonably lovely weather.  Haiku & Mellow’s grip strength was a real boon to our team.  Another exhausting but fun team training session!
2015-10-17 16.57.40