A good turn out for this Saturday’s CrossFit Team WOD.

We started with a 5 minute wall ball, ring row warm up.

After 20 minutes of general weakness work we took turns putting together sets of 18 consecutive OHS.

Then we broke up into teams.  Mellow, Aquagirl, HeeHee & Taskmaster were one team, I was with Haiku & MK.

Our team started with an 800m sled pull and 800m prowler push.  It was a dark, damp Vancouver day.  We drew some attention as we struggled our way up Dunbar Street.  This was the longest, hardest station!

Next we did 150 3m med ball chest passes with the 20# ball while one member held the yoke.

From there it was 150 D-Ball Slams while 2 members held up a 225# barbell using only one hand each.

Finally we completed 2 rounds each of 100ft gravel bag/horseshoe bag shuttle run while the other 2 members performed double KB swings.

Another tough but fun & fulfilling day!