It was our 3rd CrossFit Empower Team WOD and the turn out was great!  15 people in all.

Our warm up was 5 minutes with one partner performing a weighted bar hang while the other bear crawled.  When your partner came down from the bar you took their place and they had to bear crawl.

We worked on weaknesses for 25 minutes or so and it was crowded enough that I decided to introduce a 16 person class cap.

Our skill today was 15 consecutive HSPU or a modification as required.

Then we broke up into teams.  The Touch, Music Man & I were captains and we let the team members pick which captain they wanted to be with.  My team: Mellow, Smash & Aquagirl from last week plus General.

Station #1
Hex Bar carry & ring hang.  Our team needed to carry the hex bar 25 lengths but could only move as long as one member was hanging suspended from the Rogue gymnastics rings.  Not a bad station.

Station #2
Legless rope hang & Front rack barbell lunges.  We hit this station after the sled pull so my legs were spent.  The last thing I wanted to do was lunges.  Amazing how long I can hold onto a rope when motivated.

Station #3
800m Team Barbell Carry.  This was a fun one.  With a 125# barbell we ran around Dunbar Street drawing strange looks.  We had a good system to carry as a team and made very good time on this station.

Station #4
T2B & Overhead KB Hold.  We had to complete 100 T2B but reps only counted so long as one team member held 2 KB overhead in full lock out.  MusicMan got his first consecutive T2B here!

Station #5
800m Sled Pull/Push.  With 5 members this station went well as we took turns pulling and pushing.  For me it is always the toughest station.  We have been very spoiled by the gorgeous Vancouver weather.

After the WOD we fired up the grill.  Mellow, Taskmaster, Super Mario, Pom Pom, The Touch, Makmama, General & T-Bone and all the corresponding children stayed to eat.

BFG passed through with a whole birthday party worth of children.

The Team WOD has become the highlight of my week.  Not only is it fun, after only 3 weekends I can already feel my strength improving!