Today was our 9th CrossFit Team WOD and the 2nd last Team WOD of 2015.  A small turn out, just Aquagirl, HeeHee, Captain, Hard Rock and myself.

A different format today.  We warmed up in pairs 5 minutes of 5 med ball cleans, 5 wall balls, 5 med ball clean wall balls switching every set with our partner.

Then 20 minutes to work on weaknesses.

Today we tested the pistol.  Aquagirl killed it with 19 consecutive reps!

Today’s format was different.  No running around Dunbar Street in the frigid Vancouver air.  This time we paired up to spend 5 minutes on each of 5 complexes: Barbell Complex A, Barbell Complex B, KB Complex, DB Complex, Plate Complex.

Of course due to odd numbers I went partnerless:(

The goal was to complete a complex then switch with your partner.  When 5 minutes was up we’d switch stations.  Though the loads were light, the complexes were challenging.

We finished up about 10 minutes ahead of schedule.  I was drained.

Next Saturday November 28th will be the last Team WOD before the New Year when we shift gears into conditioning work.  Hope to see you there!