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Attendance was thin today for the 3pm Team WOD.  Just Haiku, Mr. Fantastic and I.  Bigger teams share the work better so with only 3 we knew we were in for a hard day and wondered if we could get it all done and on time!

Usually we do a lot of grip strengthening but with two upcoming CrossFit WODs requiring grip strength (Sunday Tabata Pull Ups, Monday Rope Climbing) today was much more about midline stabilization & shoulder strength.

We warmed up with 5 minutes of squat holds and KB TGU then spent 20 minutes on individualized skill practice.

Next we focused on shoulder to overhead which all three of us absolutely crushed!  This will not be a weakness for us going into the Open.

Then it was WOD time.

Station A1
Overhead Barbell Hold @105/80#
While each member completed a 200m backward sled pull.

It was a long time to hold the bar overhead with only 3 members as we had to send one member out to guide the backward sled pull.  It would have been much easier with 2 members in the gym to share the overhead hold.  The sled pull was OK on the downhills but burned the quads something fierce on the uphill.  It was a rainy Vancouver day and Dunbar Street was already getting dark.

Station A2
90 Barbell Front Rack Lunges @105/80#
Ab Wheel Roll Outs

Our quads recovered well from the sled pulls and we blasted through this station with good speed.  Our cores were all strong:)

Station B1
90 Double KB Snatch or KB Swing
Double KB Rack Hold

This was a station that punished us for having only 3 members as we had to go straight from KB Swings/snatches to rack holds and keeping the core stable when you are winded is a tough thing to do.

Station B2
Beer Keg Thrusters
200m Gravel Bag/Horseshoe Bag carry per member

The keg isn’t heavy, just awkward.  With 2 members in the gym we could switch off on the thrusters while the third team mate rounded the block.  It was full dark by this time and we were happy to be finished.

With the autumn dark and rain there will be no more post-WOD BBQs.

Even with 3 it was fun and my core sure felt it!