In April 2003, an article was published in the CrossFit Journal, with the title “How Fit Are You?”. In this article, CrossFit headquarters presented a competition for testing the fitness level of athletes with respect to the ten general physical skills (cardiovascular respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, power, speed, flexibility, agility, accuracy, coordination, and balance).

The focus was primarily on improving the neurological skills: agility, accuracy, coordination and balance. This competition comprises of five tests, and on Saturday you will get to take on test 3. Test 3 is, Tabata squats followed by 4 minutes of ring muscle ups.

For those of you who are not familiar with Tabata workouts, it is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, for four minutes. In 20 seconds, you will do as many air squats as possible, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat the work/rest for 8 total rounds. At the three minutes and fifty seconds mark, you will rest 10 seconds and move on to the second part of the workout immediately following the rest. You have 4 minutes to complete as many ring muscle-ups as possible.

The score is the Tabata Squat score (lowest number of squats across all 8 intervals) multiplied by the number of muscle-ups completed within your 4 minutes.

The squats are the high intensity part of the workout. For many of you, the last 4 minutes will be spent working on muscle-up skills. Like always, you can scale back the muscle ups to low ring muscle-ups, pull-ups and ring dips, and pull ups (or pull-up progressions) and push-ups.

For those of you on zoom, a muscle-up can be substituted with a bent-over row and a push-up.

This is a short workout and we will spend some more time on the warm-up and technique.

See you all on the zoom, in group classes or in the open gyms.

Big Cat


Warm Up

3 rounds, 1 min each:

-Shoulder pass throughs
-Lat pull-ups, beat swings, false grip ring rows (bent-over rows)
-Leopard Crawl
-Judo rocking push-ups
-Back lunges
-Goblet squats


-Air Squat
-Muscle-up progression



Test 3:

Tabata Squats
Max reps of ring muscle-ups in 4 min


Cool Down

-Trunk rotation
-Shoulder rotations
-Shoulder pull overs
-Hip cross-overs
-Downward dog/Child pose