Testament Thursdays are published on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month and feature the experiences of new and seasoned Empower members.  Today’s is brought to us by Mufasa, a member since 2016.  Always up for a challenge, Mufasa has a great sense of humor that is uplifting to be around, especially in the morning. Thanks so much for telling it like it is Mufasa and keeping on through thick and thin.

What brought you to CrossFit?

Jet (wife) joined the gym after her boot camp group broke up.  I think she was worried about me as soon after she joined, I received a Christmas present of a special two-month membership. Ok, I was very tubby.

What was your first impression?  How has it changed?

It was sobering.  As part of the fundamentals sessions we did a mini workout, which ended with 20 burpees. We called it after 5 burpees as I think Corey did not have all evening to stay while I finished.  But, the experience hooked me. I became a cultist.  I couldn’t get enough of it. Couldn’t stop telling people about it. Couldn’t stop watching videos.  Couldn’t stop wanting to be part of the community.  Full cultist.  I still love it.  But,  over time I have come to appreciate CrossFit not as an end point, but as a method to allow me to be better able to do things outside of the gym. Sport is at the top of the CrossFit pyramid and I like that positioning.

What was your first bright spot (win/positive experience)?

When I started CrossFit a workout would wipe me out.  I could manage for a few hours after my 6am class finished, but then I needed to take a nap.  Luckily, my office is very private.  So, I guess my first bright spot was no longer needing to have a nap after working out.


What are you working on now?

COVID threw us a curveball. While I kept active during the lockdown, it is not the same experience doing the workouts outside of a group setting.  I love the group classes.  I am now trying to get back into doing WODs (workout of the day) on a regular basis, as well as my usual strength and mobility work.

What’s your favourite Empower memory so far?

Anytime I work out and share a WOD with Jet is special. But outside of that, maybe it is the one and only Open I participated in as it was held in the Fall (2019).  We are always away for Spring Break so could never compete in the Open, as it is usually held then.  But, probably every pre-COVID 6 am group class was a great memory.  The group was fun, encouraging and inspiring.  I hope to see them all again once we get back to normal.

We look forward to seeing you back at 6am too.  Thanks again Mufasa for telling your story and for your high spirits throughout these times!