By now you’ve probably noted the shift in programming, more HeroWODs, more CrossFit Games WODs, more heavy iron, and more aching muscles.  Castro has ratcheted up the programming making it both more fun and more challenging.

Wednesday’s HeroWOD Fournier was both a HeroWOD and a Games WOD and it gave Empower members an opportunity to test themselves with high volumes at moderately heavy loads.  And many of you rose to the challenge!

Improvising the sled pull was fun but the real excitement was in how many of you took this one on RX’d.  Hard Rock had the fastest time in the gym with Dr. T close behind posting the fastest men’s time but no one RXing this one took longer than 25 minutes!  Here’s the results for the brave souls who not only stepped up to the challenge but also came through with flying colours:

Time Women Men
Under 25 mins Shine, Pepper, FeProf  
Under 23 mins   Big Cat
Under 22 mins Dauntless  
Under 21 mins   Electric
Under 20 mins   Venom
Under 18 mins Riot  
Under 16 mins   The Heat, Master Dre
Under 15 mins   Brick
Under 14 mins   Dr. T
Under 13 mins Hard Rock  

Please remember it is a long weekend, Monday’s scheduled has been adjusted accordingly.  An 8-hour class cancellation will be in effect from Friday through to the end of Labour Day Monday.  Make sure you make time to get outside and play!

No question you’ve earned a make up day after a few tough Games WODs so here’s your Friday options:

Friday Make Up Day

1) Back Squat

2) HeroWOD Fournier
50 shoulder-to-overheads
50-ft. arm-over-arm sled pull
40 burpees
50-ft. arm-over-arm sled pull
30 sumo deadlift high pulls
50-ft. arm-over-arm sled pull

75-lb. STO, 55-lb. SDHP
115-lb. STO, 85-lb. SDHP
For the sled pull, use a load that is challenging but doesn’t require extended rest periods.

3) 2009 Games Couplet
3 Rounds:
30 wall balls @14/20#
30 squat snatch @55/75#

4) Carrying On
The gym has been busy this week, if you are wait listed and we haven’t room for you in the gym, you are welcome to come take on this outdoor WOD option!
4 Times around the block with 25/35# dumbbells
Start with dumbbells overhead, when you can’t hold overhead any longer:
Hold dumbbells in rack position, hands around handles, when you can’t hold there anymore:
Carry dumbbells in farmer’s carry.

Every time you put the dumbbells down you earn 1 point, fewer points is better.

5) OS Reset #10
1 min Belly Breathing On Knees And Forearms
30 sec Head Nods On Belly And Forearms
30 sec Head Rotations On Belly And Forearms

5 mins Frog Rolls

30 Gait Bugs
10 Egg Rolls

7 mins
5/5 1 Arm Rocks (L/R)
30 Speed Skaters

4 Rounds:
1 min Forward/Backward Hands And Knees Crawling
1 min Forward/Backwards Leopard Crawling