Hi Corey & Leon,

I bet you don’t hear this enough, so I wanted to say a sincere THANK YOU for the commitment to integrity, accountability, and fitness that the 50 burpee penalty represents.

I’ve been writing report cards and grumbling away about the stiff neck and cankles that are a direct result of sitting at a computer for more hours than I ever normally need to.

On Sat, Sun, and Mon I carefully cancelled my WOD reservations before the 2hr cut-off and stayed home justifying I just had to get the reports done.

Today, I was registered for noon.  I’d already assured myself I was to sit at the computer all day.  At 10:07 I looked at the clock and realized I’d missed the 2hr window.  Oops.  I was now going to the noon WOD or facing a very real 50 burpee consequence, along with the realization I was taking up someone else’s noon spot.
Ugh.  I have no time.
Ugh.  Burpees.  I have no time for those either.

SO I went.

It felt great.
I Rx-ed.
I got out and got fresh air.
I laughed.
I got stronger and fitter and happier.
I got my ankles back.

I assure you, I would never have made it to today’s WOD if there was not an absolute guarantee that missing the WOD would mean 50 burpees.

So, thank you for the burpees.  I am very grateful for the push to get out and get sweaty.