We love what we do here so it is always great to hear from you that YOU love what we do here too.  This week we received three very nice compliments from members.
Compliment 1: Codex
When Codex researched CrossFit before attending her intro she heard that CrossFitters are known for their toned & well-developed backsides.  During her intro I echoed that sentiment (and if you recall Codex, I also mentioned that when you start CrossFitting career and relationships also tend to improve).  Recently Codex’s new beau paid her a compliment on her shapely posterior.

The magic is in the movements.  Rowing, lunges, squats, deadlifts…Everything we do engages the posterior chain.  CrossFit just sculpts bottoms wonderfully.  As a coach, I must refrain from commenting but it does make my days enjoyable.

Thanks for sharing Codex and tell your boyfriend he’s welcome!
Compliment 2: Super Mario & PomPom
This is not Super Mario & PomPom’s first CrossFit experience.  They began elsewhere in Vancouver before joining us here on Dunbar Street.  Summering in Kelowna last year they were discouraged that their CrossFit skills developed at their previous box were not on par with the membership they visited in Kelowna.

This summer they were back in Kelowna for vacation and after several months training here at Empower found that they were far better prepared for WODing with their Kelowna friends.

A  lot of that improvement is superior programming.  Not ours, CrossFit HQ’s.  HQ programming trumps most affiliate programming.  You can see it in our team’s improving Open scores.  CFHQ programming is both tougher and more varied than anything else you will find.  That’s why we follow it: results.  Measurable, repeatable results.

Of course it helps that Pom Pom & Super Mario train frequently and consistently, good on you!  With 1 more year of HQ programming under your belts watch out Kelowna 2016!
Compliment 3: Bruiser
When out of town Bruiser CrossFits at a destination box, a box that earns a significant income from tourist traffic passing through the area.

Her observation was that the coaches there are too busy texting to keep an eye on the athletes.  Too busy to see if folks are moving correctly.  Too distracted to see if attendees are scaling appropriately.  Too preoccupied to notice if athletes are completing their reps.  We cringe to hear of it but I think you can understand.  If you were being paid $20 an hour to watch folks train that you may never see again, how invested would you be?

It’s tough to love people who are just passing through.  But if the magic is in the movements and the programming produces the results, it is love that builds the community of supportive, encouraging, inclusive, fitness-minded people.  We love what we do and we love working with you.  We look forward to seeing you every day, miss you when you are gone and take our joy in watching you succeed!

Thanks for your compliments!  You are the best.  And we will continue to strive to serve you the best!