We’ve had quite the year so far haven’t we?  Hopefully the worst is behind us but it has left us all a bit shaken, sensitive and emotionally on edge.  We’ve dealt with a lot and still face significant uncertainty in the coming months.

Thanks to Iron Dam and my new ax for helping me hack out a few slivers of sanity in this crazy week.  Since the shut down my work hours have grown progressively longer as the list of tasks I’m falling behind in grows progressively longer.  It’s not a good feeling.  And we’re all doing the best we can to make a tough situation work but it will never satisfy everyone.  In fact for every member who tells us more x is best for the membership, another member complains there is too much x and that less x will serve our members better.  Both believe they are right.  Both believe they’re suggesting what’s best for our community and both believe that most of the membership supports them in this.  Chopping wood is cheaper than counselling, i’m grateful for the wood and my ax and the video I’ve shared below.

Today, halfway through the month of July, as I finally got a chance to go through last month’s attendance, I took the opportunity to listen to high performance coach Dr. Michael Gervais.  I’d not heard him speak before but know of him by reputation because many ultra-high achievers have worked with him to produce phenomenal performances.  It was a great listen that put my head in a much better space if only for today.

I suggest you listen in full but here are the key takeaways:

  1. Let Pain Motivate You
  2. Live Fully in Present Moment
  3. Be Open to Being Coached
  4. Invest in Relationships
  5. Find your Philosophy
  6. Harness Your Mind
  7. Be a Rider of Thoughts
  8. Practice Gratitude
  9. Build Self Confidence
  10. Practice Efficient Breathing

It’s a really good recipe for optimizing your performance in any aspect of life but today, for me, number 7 made the difference.  I’m riding some pretty stormy thoughts and emotions this week and I’ve got to make like a rodeo cowboy and ride that bucking bronco out.  Guess those years on the electric bull at my parent’s country and western bar had a purpose after all.

But if you want to know who has masterfully stayed in the saddle through the front half of 2020, it’s these Empower members who refused to be thrown by pandemics, shut downs, protests, CrossFit scandals and a whole lot of social media hullabaloo.  For 6-months these rough riders have managed to maintain a score of 20+ WODs a month!  Congratulations to Dauntless, HHH, Motor, Shades, Smash, Sprite, Fierce, DK and Shine.  Notable mention to Menace who is still in the running, owing just one more workout to make up for a slow start at the beginning of the year.

Thanks 20 in 2020 rodeo all stars for setting an example of what’s possible in even the most inconvenient of training times.  You’ve kept your saddle through the worst the year let’s hope the back half of your ride proves a less tumultuous ride!  Now saddle up for Friday’s fun event!

Friday WOD
Barbell or Barbell alternative (back pack, dumbbells, kettlebells, rock, hockey stick…)
Pull Up Station or alternative (ring rows, 2 high boxes or stable chairs)
Medball or alternative (dumbbell, back pack, rock…)

Warm Up
1 min Medball Front Squats
1 min Ring Rows or Bent Over Rows
1 min Medball Hang Squat Clean
1 min Elbow to Hand Push Up
1 min Medball Hang Squat Clean & Jerk

Hang Squat Clean & Jerk
Muscle Up Progression

3 Rounds
50 Lunges
7 Muscle Ups
Hang Squat Clean & Jerks = 950/1350lbs of work*

*32 reps with a pair of 15lb dumbbells or 28 reps with a 35lb barbell = approx 950lbs of work

Cool Down:
Dragon/Pigeon Pose
Hip Cross Overs
Shoulder Pull Overs
Downward Dog
Child’s Pose