It took some doing but our relentless Games Commissioner, Cat Herder par excellence, Smash, has delivered a full roster of teams for our first annual 2021 Empower COVID Games!

Here are the official divisions and teams:

Diaper Division <90
The Brody Bunch Riot Dauntless Rocket
Fit and Buff and Ready to be Tough Glamour Glory Amna
Doomsday Divas Ceilidh Jedi Abby

Spring Chickens <120
Stampeders Hard Rock  Menace  Fierce 
Not Fast Just Furious Sprite  Pepper  Molly Gunn 
Spice Girls Motor  Derby  D-Belle 
The I’m-Peck-Able 3 The Touch  Still Waters  Marine 
Run Like the Winded Peril  DK  Gymkata 

40 is the new 20 <150
Two Young Chicks and an Old Dog Smash  HHH  DT 
Here for the Coffee Boomer Yeti  Dr. T 
Huey, Dewey & Louie Road Warrior  Rowdy  Crusher 
5pm Old Guys The Heat  Badger  Venom 
Sandbaggers Inc. Brick  Livewire Spice 
White Onyx Joy  Thorn  Big Cat 
Bats Out of Dumbbell Swan Hawkeye KMT

Hey Kid, Get Off My Lawn! <180
Like Fine Whine The Finisher  Doc Disc Shine 
50 is the New 50 BFG Quicksilver  Shades 
Aged and Marbled Beef Boyz AV  Electric  Mr. Fantastic
Cross(mis)Fitters Radar Alpha Dog  Whisper 
Team Bomaye G-Money  HeeHee Mufasa
The Fem Fitales FeProf  Mom  Silk 

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up! 180+
Not Angry, Just Furious D’Knee  Hammer  Sass 

Now that the divisions are set and the teams registered, you have one week to organize yourselves as we will be announcing the first event on our blog the afternoon of Sunday May 30th and your team will have until 5pm Sunday June 6th to submit your scores.  On May 30th we will also send out event 21.1 scorecards to all registered teams.

Your team will need to do the workout at the same time with one member working at a time.  Each member will have to use their own equipment at their own station.  You do not need to be in the gym.  You do not need to be in the same location.  Members can join via Zoom.  We expect teams to maintain safe social distancing at all times.

You will also need a judge from another team.  They can judge via Zoom.  Please make sure your team members are positioned so your judge can see them and count their reps.  Again, you have one week to reach out to one of the other teams listed above and ask one of their members to judge for you.    

What might the event entail?  I’m sure speculation will be rampant.  What we can tell you is that each member of your team will need 1 dumbbell (weight of your choice).  If you haven’t access to a suitable dumbbell you can use a can of soup and score it as 1lb.  Or if you have a scale, weigh any odd object that can be held in one hand.

Front Squats can be done today with a barbell, dumbbell, rock or whatever you can hold.  It should be heavy but you should be able to get through each round in 2-3 sets.  If you don’t have a rack you may have to clean it from the floor.  That is not a bad thing.  In fact, it is like a cheat code for how to get stronger faster.  You’ve just uncovered the secret to more fitness without adding any extra time! 

The muscle up combines an upper body pulling movement (like  pull up, ring row, etc) with an upper body pushing movement (like a ring dip or push up). If you don’t have muscle ups, substitute your choice of upper body pulling motion AND upper body pulling movement.  That’s not either/or, that is 7 challenging pulling movements plus 7 challenging pushing movements each round.  And they should be challenging.  In the muscle up you are moving your entire body weight so your alternative should be as close to your full body weight as you can safely get with good form.  If you’re doing 7 in a row you are not challenging yourself enough!  Even The Touch and Sandman weren’t banging out 7 muscle ups in a  row each round.  If you want to get fitter you will need to hold yourself to tougher standards.  Easy does not spur fitness adaptations, we want to see a little struggle face!

Equipment: Barbell or alternative

Warm Up
7 mins
10 Judo Push Up Rocks
10 Goblet Squats
10 Ring Rows
10 Squat Cleans

Front Squat
Muscle up or Pulling/Pushing Combinations

3 Rounds
20 Front Squat
7 Muscle Ups

Cool Down
Lat Stretch
Hip Crossovers
Dragon Pose
Pigeon Pose