Why do I look forward to work?  Why do I miss it when I am away?  Because I get to work with the best people!  People like you.  Every day, every class I look forward to who will show up for a CrossFit WOD.  And as you walk through the door I feel a surge of excitement that you have arrived.

It is all because of you.  This is the community that you built.  From all over Dunbar Street and the west side of Vancouver you have brought your friends and family members into our community populating it with the best people that you know.  What a treat to work with them all!
The January beginners have started and it looks like another great bunch of folks that you have invited in.  Yeti has brought his fiancee and her eldest daughter.  Boomer invited her husband and his Mom.  Sandman introduced his wife. Prime’s wife & Jet’s husband are poised to start any day now.   It’s a really solid group of people who are just great to be around and we thank you for introducing us.
A special shout out to Bruiser, Quicksilver & BFG who have been very active in populating our community with really fun people.

Bruiser’s chain of referrals includes awesome characters like Smash, HHH, Motor, FeProf & Manners!

Quicksilver & BFG are responsible for so many of our great members such as Shine & Doc Disc (and their kids Ricochet, Barbarian & Cyberdog), Terminator & JenX (and their son Fastball), their own son Velocity and now even Quicksilver’s Mom!
Thank you for enriching our community with amazing people.  We are 75 members strong and pushing for 100.  Who are the people you most enjoy hanging out with?  If they are not here already please share them with us so we can enjoy their company too.  This is the community that you built – are building.
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Thanks for making CrossFit Empower such a great place to be!

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