The other day I wrote the blog post “Embrace the Obvious” wherein Dan John exhorted you to look to the obvious in order to understand the results you are or are not producing.  For fitness he identified 3 key elements for producing results: sleep, nutrition and training.

Your coaches are not going to visit your bedroom (keep dreaming!) and they’re not going to hang out in your kitchen to monitor what you put on your plate (or cram directly into your face) so the only thing we can report directly back on is your training.

If you’re wondering why you’re not getting the results you want, we’re going to start there.  Are you actually putting in the training time required to produce results?  Not sure.  We are.  We have the numbers.  Your memory may lie, the numbers don’t.

The average Empower member attended 12 workouts in the month of January, nearly 3 workouts per week.  Average attendance will get you average results.  If you attended less than 12 workouts, you would expect below average results.  If you attended more, you’d expect above average results.  Can you guess what our top performers have in common?  Yup, they trained more than the average Empower member.

The following members attended 20 or more sessions in the month of January: Crusher (28), Dauntless (24), D-Knee (20), Doc Disc (22), Fierce (25), G-Money (23), Hard Rock (26), HHH (25), Magnum (22), Menace (21), Motor (35), Mufasa (21), Rowdy (21), Shades (28), Smash (27), Sprite (28).

It’s not an accident that this list reads like a who’s-who of Empower’s top performers.  Your progress is a result of your habits and the above athletes have been practicing consistency for a good, long time!  They did not all start out top of the leaderboard but they’ve all earned their place there!

In the spirit of getting you the best results, we are going to play a little game of who can consistently attend 20 or more classes every month in the year 2020.  In the spirit of competitive fairness, we’ll give those who were short days in January and February a chance to catch up by crediting additional training days back to those two months but, as of March, to stay in the game you must maintain 20 or more classes in each and every month – consistency, after all, is the goal!

If you are away on extended travel you can video yourself doing the programmed WODs abroad and post them to our Facebook page for credit or, if training at another affiliate, post a picture of you with the coach, the affiliate name and the WOD details to our Facebook page for credit.

As Oprah says: “There are no secrets to success.”  Fitness is just a function of showing up and doing the work.  It’s as simple as paint by numbers.  If you can solve the problem of how to show up consistently, CrossFit will make you fit.  Works every time.  But only if you do!

Can you maintain 20 training days per month throughout 2020?  What kinds of fitness results will you produce when you do?  What kind of performance bests will you achieve?  How will your body transform?  How great will you feel?

20 per month in 2020! Let the game begin:)