korean food
Food!  After a hard CrossFit WOD that is where my mind immediately goes.

Thanks to Dangers for sharing this little gem: The Kitchen on 10th & Sasamat.  If you like authentic Korean food then this is the best spot in Vancouver.  Simple, home-style Korean food at very simple, home-style prices.  And only minutes from Dunbar Street!

Where clean eating is concerned, Korean food is a better option than most.  Aside from the rice it is primarily meat and vegetables with most dishes light on sauce.  A bit light on the fat but not a bad indulgence.

We are in love.  Nothing fancy mind you but as close as you’ll get to a dinner out in Seoul.  Unfortunately for me the portions are also Seoul-sized and not really suited for appetites the size of mine.  Nevertheless the quality has kept us coming back for more since Dangers tipped us off a few months ago.

I love having little gems like this in our own backyard!