Over the past 12 years, I have been asked, why do you coach kids? How did you get started? Do you think CrossFit is safe for kids? What are your tricks? Etc. I started coaching youth athletes when I was 18. I have covered a variety of sports but settled on CrossFit 12 years ago this coming February. I coach kids because they are cool. They are raw, real and honest. They tell you what they like and don’t like.  They like to share what is happening in their life and most of the time, kids are just great at connecting with other kids. The Empower Youth program (Junior Varsity, Varsity and Homeschool PE) has almost 40 kids attending across the 3 programs. Some know each other from school or clubs or outside sports, others don’t know anyone but they find a way to connect with the group. Athletes come to the program for a variety of reasons. Some include: enhancing strength and conditioning for sport, wanting to learn about weightlifting and other movements or just want to be fit. The other cool thing about coaching Empower athletes is how coachable they are. When you can take a new athlete whose mechanics are like Bambi on ice and turn them into a smooth skating NHL player, it’s pretty awesome! Do I think CrossFit kids is safe for kids? My answer is yes! The program is designed to meet the neurological and physical needs of the athlete. In addition the self esteem and confidence kids get from the program is amazing. It can improve sleep and even help with schoolwork. All positive attributes. What are my tricks or magic? Did you think I was going to share my secrets? Not a chance! 😉
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See you at the gym!


Thursday’s Workout

On Thursday you will be spending more quality time with a rower, bike or ski erg. We will get warmed up quickly and focus on the Push Jerk.

For time:
60/75-calorie row
21 push jerks
60/75-calorie row
15 push jerks
60/75-calorie row
9 push jerks

♀ 95/125/155 lb
♂ 135/185/225 lb