If you haven’t watched the CrossFit Games then you should check them out, they are on this weekend.  CrossFit has raised the bar on human performance to a degree never imagined and we’re still going!  But as great as this weekend’s young competitors are, my inspiration is the masters athletes!

A decade ago in my mid-thirties my father advised me that despite my best efforts in the gym I could do no more than slow the rate of decrepitude.  I would never again be as fit as I had been in my twenties.  How depressing.  Training diligently just to slow down the decline.

Then I found CrossFit.

A decade later I am performing at a level I never imagined in my twenties!  And yesterday I watched the completion of the 2015 CrossFit Games Masters division witnessing 60+ year old men and women performing at a level of fitness that I have not yet reached.  The operative word is yet.

That is the paradigm shift that Crossfit has contributed to the fitness industry.  No longer need we resign ourselves to the inevitable decline.  We have been offered a way forward.  I am fitter today than I have ever been and am improving day-by-day, week-by-week.  In 10 years of CrossFitting I have transformed my body and consequently my mind.  Blowing away all the self-imposed and society-imposed limitations on what aging is supposed to be about.

And I am only 43.  Imagine another 20 years of dedicated training and what I can achieve!

Today we will be performing a workout from the 2015 CrossFit Games Masters Division.

3 Rounds
10 Ground to Overhead
200m Shuttle Sprint (4x 50m)

At the Games they had a time cap of 5 minutes.  Every masters athlete completed the WOD in under 5 minutes.  I could not.  Can you?

I know who my heroes are.  If you want to see some heroes in development or wish to become one yourself come visit us at CrossFit Empower on Dunbar Street in Vancouver!

PS – I want to grow up to be like him!