Thanks to all the members who have sent us entertaining evidence of their at-home training.  D-Knee recently sent us this fantastic 2+ minute crow pose.  Can you beat that?  I sure couldn’t!

Mufasa, apparently bored of me and my pet rock Tear Drop, wanted me to put the challenge out there to you to share video evidence of your at-home workout innovations and improvisations.

I have called upon our fantastic Intramural Team captains DT, Jedi and Sprite to marshal their troops and put together a team compilation video.  If you don’t already belong to a team, jump in with one of these excellent teams.  Teams that submit a compilation video by May 31st will win a fun, coached, outdoor team training session exclusively for your team!

No other criteria applies.  No rules on who does it or how you do it, just get it done and submit it on time.  One compilation video per team only, please no multiple submissions.  Get on it and show us your creative fitness flair!

1 dumbbell, kettlebell or backpack
pull up station or alternative
1 or 2 towels or pillow cases

Warm Up
1 min Rock to seated position
1 min OS push Up
1 min Rock to seated, alternating legs crossed
1 min Ring Row
1 min Rock to alternating legs crossed to kneeling
1 min Os push Up
1 min Rock to alternating legs crossed, kneel up and stand
1 min Ring Row

Towel pull up or row

3 Rounds:
12 TGU left
12 TGU right
3 Legless Rope Climbs

Cool Down
Lat Stretch
Forearm stretch
Scap rotations
Scap Retractions
Scap Rock