Do you ever get wrapped up reminiscing about the good old days?  Does it ever feel that your most cherished adventures and most exciting times were all in your past?  Did your glory years end somewhere between the ages of 15 and 30?

Once upon a time you weren’t afraid to get outside your comfort zone, to take risks and try new things.  Sure you fell flat on your face and ended up hurt or embarrassed more than once.  But amidst the mess of mistakes and misadventures you also enjoyed some amazing triumphs and astounding experiences.  Now you reminisce fondly about those times.

What made you stop exploring the world and taking chances?  As an adult you are not encouraged to take playful risks or look like a fool trying new things.  You’ve been told you have to be responsible.  And so you gradually stopped stretching outside your comfort zone and decided it safest to stay inside your realm of competency to avoid painful and embarrassing failures.  And that is about the time that life stopped being fun.  When fear of pain and humiliation began to win out over an appetite for wonder.

I’m not saying you should take up base jumping or gamble your pay cheque at the casino but the best of life does not need to live in your past.  There are still adventures to be had and experiences to be lived.  Instead of reminiscing about the good old days you can be living your glory days now! 

Refuse to let bygone years be your best years.  You are never too old to make new memories!  Life is for living.  If you’re still breathing go out and get some adventure.  Take a risk or two and have a laugh at the outcome.  Things won’t always turn out but as long as it’s exhilarating it will have been worth your while.

Today is a sprint!  We’re going to make some lanes and stagger your start so you can chase the leaders.  Super short.  Super intense.  Super fun.  Have you ever run on jello legs before?

Warm Up
4 Rounds
25ft Inch worm
25ft Bear Crawl (Forward/Backward/Left/Right)
25ft Crab Walk (Forward/Backward/Left/Right)
25ft Leopard Crawl (Forward/Backward/Left/Right)

Burpee Broad Jump or alternative
Jumping Lunges or alternative
Run or alternative

50m Burpee Broad Jump
45 Jumping Lunges
400m Run