Most of you are familiar with the CrossFit total but on Tuesday we will be doing the other total. The other total is also one rep maxes but instead of the back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift you will be doing a clean, floor press, and overhead squat.  Because this is a change up from our more common total does your score matter?

Tuesday will be a great day to get some practice on the three lifts above. Review the videos and come prepared to lift.  You have three styles of clean to choose from squat, power, or split clean. So much fun will be had.

Some times after a holiday long weekend we come in feeling sluggish, tired, or maybe even food drunk. But always remember the numbers matter as away to measure where we are on the day. It is okay if we have an off lifting day and it may be a good time to work on our technique maxes (what we can lift before technique breaks down).  It may or may not be the day for a true max on all three lifts.

The goal for Tuesday will be to play within your percentages. Come in prepared with a plan. Take note of live footage of how this workout went for me.



As you can see it was a rough day. Measurability is important not for us to  get our personal best every day but for us to be able to measure our ongoing progress and see how we are doing compared to our past and future selves.  The score is not about anyone else; it is about you compared to you.  Progress on your weaknesses will help you over all.

For Tuesday we get to experience the other total. The score is important to compare you verse you. Even if we are not hitting personal bests let’s put our best foot forward.


Warm up/

2 rnds

3 of each

Squat cleans

floor press





Floor press





In big classes we may have some people start on OHS

We will use a rack or boxes for the third movement

Cool down

Clean up

Trunk rotation

Shoulder pass throughs

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