No, this is not paid advertising from the folks at Pom Wonderful but we’d be delighted if they wanted to throw some $$$ our way because the Coles Notes version of this blog post can be summed up as: men should consider drinking pomegranate juice on the regular.  If you are a man or have a man in your life who you’d like to keep around for a while, you should read on.

In general we’re very good at identifying and understanding simple, direct relationships like the ankle bone’s connected to the shin bone.  But we’re far less adept when it comes to untangling more complex webs of interconnectedness.  Unfortunately the world, and our bodies, are full of such confounding networks of interactions.  It often turns out that the shin bone is also connected to the rib bone and the finger bone and the tailbone and so many others even if the connection is not immediately apparent.

No doubt you have already heard somewhere about the positive effects of pomegranate juice on prostate health.  And you probably already know that in men prostate cancer is one of the more common forms of cancer.  But so what?  More men die with prostate cancer than from it, right?

Not so fast!  Perhaps it is more complex than that.  Now please keep in mind that none of the connections suggested below are supported by any medical studies that I’m aware of, they are merely the musings of a rambling mind.  But that doesn’t mean our exploration won’t bear fruit (pun alert).  Why don’t you follow along with me as I attempt to unwind some possible connections?

– Lean muscle mass is inversely associated with all cause mortality at all ages.  Check.

– Low testosterone results in an impaired ability to build and retain lean muscle mass.  Testosterone levels in men decline steadily with age.  Check, check.

– Sleep is critical for production of testosterone and human growth hormone essential for the repair and building of lean muscle mass.  Sleep quality declines with age.  Check again.

– In men over 40 one of the causes of sleep interruption is the need for frequent urination.  This is often due to prostate issues. 

So as I see it poor prostate health results in impaired sleep which leads to reduced testosterone production and a decline in lean muscle mass increasing risk of all cause mortality.  So even if prostate cancer doesn’t kill you, it might be opening the back door (haha, another pun) to a host of other death dealers who take the blame while their accomplice gets off scott free.

Is this a known fact?  Nope.  Is it plausible?  Certainly, but how to test it?

Conveniently, I devised a plan: drink pomegranate juice (yum) = healthier prostate = less frequent urination = better sleep = increased testosterone and human growth hormone = increased lean muscle mass = reduced risk of all cause mortality.

I know I had half of you at increased sleep and the other half at increased muscle mass.  It doesn’t take much to make men happy.

But does it work?  So far we’re seeing positive results in a trial sample of 1 but if you’d like to increase the sample size be my guest.  Buy yourself a bottle of tasty pomegranate juice, cut it with some unsweetened cranberry juice to support urinary tract health and a splash of mineral water and report your results. 

Personally, I really enjoy sleeping through the night.

And then of course there is also the associated benefit of a healthy prostate alluded to in the blog title: The Pom bone is connected to the love bone.  Maybe this recipe will please the women too.

How do you like my plan now?

Friday Make Up Day

1)  5 Rounds
500m Row
7 Thrusters 95/135#

2) Power Clean

Score = total volume lifted

3) 20 Minute Amrap
21 Bench presses 95/135#
21 L Pull-Ups

4) ECG 21.1: Sultan’s Revenge
In a team of three one partner working at a time:
10 min AMRAP
10 DB Swings

Score = totals reps x load

5) Empower Reset #18
1 min Breathing in Squat
30/30 sec Head Nods/Rotations in squat

2 mins
10 Heads-up Cross Touch Deadbugs
10 Windshield Wipers pressing head into floor

3 mins
10 Frog Rolls
10 Judo Push Up Rocks

3 mins
10 Full Body Rock
20 Cross Crawls

3 Rounds:
1 min Hands and Knees Hourglass Crawls
30 sec Leopard Hourglass Crawl

3 mins
Max Bar Hang
10 Plate Get Ups

400m Bearhug Plate Carry @25/45#