Bruiser tells me that BC plans to resume elective surgeries next week and that US Weightlifting gyms are already plotting a return to training.  Elsewhere in the US gyms are lobbying to be considered an essential service.  Currently in BC gyms are closed by law and the Empower gym facility will not reopen before it is legally permitted to do so.  Happily our Empower doctors and nurses are reporting a much lighter case load in the hospitals than predicted, certainly fewer cases than in most US states or some other Canadian provinces.  This is great news to hear but also poses a challenge which I refer to as the prevention conundrum.

You see, when preventative measures are successful, the threat they were implemented to address does not arise.  The result is an absence of said threat.  In the absence of the threat people begin to wonder if the preventative measures were necessary in the first place.  The equation looks like this:

Isolation = low number of COVID cases = doubts about need for isolation

Problem is that without testing of the population we cannot know if the low number of cases we’re seeing in BC is the result of effective prevention or because the threat was not really significant.

At Empower, when we reopen, it will be in a carefully staged manner that will look something like this:

1) Outside-the-Box & ZWODs
Research suggests that transmission rates of COVID out of doors is very low so when we get a green light from government AND our medical advisors our first step will be to resume the Outside-the-Box WODs at a safe social distance while continuing some Zoom classes for members most at risk.

2) Personal Training, Outside-the-Box & ZWODs
When we’re cleared to do so, we will return to the gym for personal training.  We will continue hosting group class outside and through Zoom.

3) Restricted in-gym classes, PT, Outside-the-Box & ZWODs
Eventually we will be allowed to host in-gym classes again though we may face attendance restrictions.  In this case we will continue unrestricted attendance at Outside-the-Box WODs to help supplement in-gym classes.  PT and ZWODs can continue as required.

4) Return to full capacity
When it is safe and permitted we will return to full operations.

Of course we hope for this staged return to action to come sooner rather than later but it is important to remember that lifting of restrictions does not mean a cessation of threat.  Coronavirus is going to be with us for the long term.  Perhaps, like the flu, it will become a seasonal malady.  It may become milder, it may not.  We may develop effective vaccines, we may not.  We don’t know the long term outcomes for this but we do know that in the coming weeks/months we will all still be at risk of exposure until enough of our population has developed immunity.  Do not mistake isolation as prevention, you cannot hide.  The isolation measures we have taken were simply to flatten the curve, that is slow the transmission rate to avoid hospitals being overrun.  And it has worked!  But COVID is still out there and you will be exposed sooner or later.  So you need to start planning for life in a world with Coronavirus.

First, keep exercising.  Exercise, diet and sleep are still the best things you can do to support your immune function.  Exercise may provide protective benefits against the deadly complications associated with COVID.  Manage your at-home eating as being obese seems to correlate with more severe COVID symptoms.  Good news is that yesterday we were greenlit to receive another 2 cases of HEAL which is currently in high demand with most supplies being diverted to patients on feeding tubes.  We should have it in by the start of next week so let us know if you need to restock!  Another great idea is supplementing with fish oil or eating some cold water fish on the regular.  Trials have started using an EPA supplement to treat Coranvirus cases.  EPA is found in cold water fish and fish oil supplements.  Personally, I eat 4oz of salmon per day plus one fish oil capsule.  I recommend Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega.  Finally, isolation is particularly bad for the elderly, try to stay connected by joining us on Zoom, if not for a WOD at least for our cooking club or drinks with coach.

Sooner or later, isolation measures will be lifted and you will need to venture back out into a world where you will have to coexist with Coronavirus.  Right now is the time to start preparing yourself to deal with and defeat this new threat so that you can enjoy a proper, fear-free return to freedom.

Tuesday ZWOD
Warm up
3 rnds
5 push ups
10 squats

Clean drops
Mini run through emom movements

20 minute Emom
5 Front Squats
5 shoulder press

Quality movement is king
Try to complete movements in 30secs or less
If you can’t complete with in the min take away 1 rep from each movement
Post load and object used in comments

Cool down
Hip swings
Couch stretch
Wrist stretches
Downward dog
Child pose