There’s something different about CrossFit Empower.  Visiting CrossFitters notice it right away and often comment on it.  Newcomers recognize it too though they struggle to put their finger on it.  As the coach, I’m often given the credit but it is important to note that I did not build this alone.

Since moving into our new space January 2018 we have added many fantastic new members, many of whom have begun to play a big role in our community.  But today I want to acknowledge all our founding members who are the ones responsible for creating the amazing community we enjoy today.

I cannot even claim ownership for the dream, it was Big Boss & Dr. T, back in 2010, who dreamed of a West Side CrossFit space suitable for athletes in their 40’s and beyond to train at.  And in 2012 it was Big Boss who helped me write the business plan, introduced me to the bankers, and offered up emergency financing in order to get us started on Dunbar Street.

Mellow built our first gym single-handedly and contributed a great deal to our expansion space too.  Wolfman provided our first vinyl signs.  For the first two years The Touch drove daily from Surrey to work at the gym unpaid, then worked nights at the door for a downtown night club in order to support his wife and young child.  Music Man was our first 6am attendee and was responsible for setting us up with music for the group classes, when we expanded, he coordinated the membership who put funds together to contribute our Sonos speaker system for the new space.  Dr. T is the architect of the 5am group class which has now grown into one of our most consistent time zones.

Over the years members have contributed much of the equipment that you enjoy using today.  Riddler & Blitz donated one of our Airbikes.  Dangers & Super Mario used all the money they collected running Strongman to add equipment like our axle bar, log bar, sandbags, kegs and more.  Members who requested to remain anonymous donated the spin bike that gets heavy daily use.  Clue has donated several pieces of gym equipment like ab wheels and colour cap bars.  Doc Disc provided our fearsome Wolfman kettlebell.  MK brought us one of our first red kettlebells.  Dreaded wall ball Vader is a gift courtesy of Shades.  Hard Rock too has contributed medballs to our collection.  Smash filled up the propane tanks to keep the BBQ going.  Taskmaster sourced and Mellow delivered our most recent dumbbell rack and dumbbells.  The Truth, with help from Dangers and Super Mario, dedicated 90+ hours and a fair bit of his own money to build our wonderful lifting platforms.  And there’s so much more I’m forgetting.

Mufasa helped with all the legals for our expansion. HHH coordinated our new Empower signage.   When we ran over budget on architectural and engineering drawings for the new space, our Empower membership raised $11,000 of their own money to help us cover the costs!  When it came time to prep the space an army of members came in to paint the first through finishing coats.  And on our December 31st 2017 moving day, so many members came to help that we completed the move in a fraction of the expected time and the new space was set up and ready to use for our January 1st 2018 grand opening!

If you’ve joined Empower since our move you can’t know how much love and hard work our founding members have invested into making this dream a reality.  It is our dream and we have built it together.  We welcome you to come share it with us.  The unique energy you are feeling at Empower is the love of a community working together to build something great.

Next time you’re in class with them, please take a moment to acknowledge the contributions of our founding members who contributed so much to help us get this far.  Who are they?

BFG, Quicksilver, Big Cat, Brick, Bruiser, Clue, CPA, Crusher, Peril, Dangers, Dauntless, Auto, Doc Disc, Shine, Dr. T, Electric, FeProf, G-Money, Hammer, Sass, Hard Rock, Hi-Power, Avalanche, Hawkeye, Iron Dam, Boomer, Jet, Mufasa, Magnum, MK, Motor, Mr. Fantastic, Road Warrior, Sam I Am, Rowdy, Sandman, Silk, Shades, Skipper, Tamahock, Smash, HHH, Sprite, Still Waters, Mom, Beastor, Super Mario, PomPom, The Heat, The Touch, The Rock, MakMama, The Truth, Hufflepuff & Yeti and many others who you have not yet met.

Now we invite you, our newer members, to join us in building the great fitness community we dream of!  We’ve brought it this far, and you can help us take it to the next level:)