It was a tough week for us all.  And if the projections BFG shared are accurate we’re still 6-12 weeks out from the worst of it.  The hospitals are readying for the influx of cases and it sounds like they’re just now starting to trickle in.  Brace yourself for it.  If you’re one of the people still being very casual about this, it is time to start taking precautions.  BFG reassured us our Outside-the-Box WODs are safe as long as attendees continue to maintain a safe distance from each other and don’t share equipment.

Given the strains of this week, our members deserved a treat and received it in the form of The Tower.  I’m sorry for all of you who missed this.  I won’t say it was easy but it was super fun!  War Machine described it as the best workout he’s done at Empower.  Can’t say many of would disagree with his assessment.  It’s certainly the type of workout you could never get in a gym.  And the weather was perfect.  The sun was warm and the air off the water was cool which is probably the reason no one did this WOD in the raw even though it is a clothing optional beach.

We weren’t the only fitness enthusiasts going up and down the stairs but we were the only ones hauling rocks up and down.  We each picked a rock of appropriate size and used it through the workout:

20 Boulder Slam Burpees
Carry Stone up to the pink ribbon and back
30 Boulder Squats
Carry Stone up to the green ribbon and back
Cone-to-cone Boulder toss
Carry Stone up to the top of the trailhead and back

It was raw.  It was wild.  It was primally satisfying!  The kids played too and enjoyed it as much as their parents making it the perfect family WOD.  BFG & Quicksilver boasted the fastest time.  Motor boasted the biggest boulder plus a backpack filled with weights that she wore throughout the WOD!

Sunday’s Stay-at-Home/Outside-the-Box WOD

Warm up
2 ends
10/10 hip swings
16 alt Samson lunges
10 inch worm with push up

Bent over row

L pull-up ( bent over Row and 2 sec x reps of L sits)

Cool down
Crazy ninja fingers
Egg beaters
Dragon pose
Pigeon pose
Child pose

Scaling options for L – sit
Elevated W
Butt on ground L
Single Leg L both sides

See you all tomorrow

Yours truly