New year, new you!  What challenges are you going to take on this year?
Our 2023 Unstoppable Champions are now confirmed:

The Assassin has now completed 24 consecutive months of 20+ workouts per month.

KMT scored a Hat Trick having now logged 20+ workouts per month for 36 consecutive months!

Smash, HHH and Shades have charged into uncharted waters with 4 consecutive unstoppable years dating back to the start of the challenge in January 2020.  That’s 48 unbroken months of 20+ workouts!  

Congratulations to our 2023 Unstoppables!

Smash has already declared his intention to make 2024 his 5th consecutive year of being Unstoppable.  How about you?  Is 2024 the year you become Unstoppable?

If you want to step up to the challenge, send an email of intent subject heading “Unstoppable in 2024” to corey(at) before January 31st and start logging your workouts!

But there are many other ways to challenge yourself. 

Last year Enigma became the 10K man by meeting his goal of 10,000+ steps per day for the entire year!  Way to go Enigma!

Coming soon Shades will be running a New Year Fitness and Nutrition challenge.  Details coming soon.  This will be your opportunity to use our InBody to harness the power of technology in helping you meet your body composition goals in 2024!

And of course we have the 2024 CrossFit Open starting February 29th with Shades and Motor hosting 3 weeks of Friday Night Lights.   Jedi, The Force, DT, Sable, Spice, Timberwolf, The Champ, Doc Disc, McBeal, Organa, Shades, Pebbles, The Touch, Spartan, Maxim, Pepper, Ironman and Electric are all stepping up to do this year’s Open, will you join them?  Registration details coming soon.

It’s a new year.  A new opportunity to become your best version of yourself.  An opportunity to chase new goals. 

How are you going to challenge yourself in 2024?
Friday Make Up Day

Empower Reset #46: Vahva Reset A
1 min Belly Breathing
30/30 sec Head Nods/Rotations
4 mins:
20 Glute Bridge Side-to-side
20 Windshield Wipers
4 mins:
10 alt Reaching Table Pose
10 alt Ground Windmill
4 mins:
10 Swimmer Raises
10 alt Bear-Crab Roll
2 rounds:
30/30 sec Triangle Stretch
30/30 sec Deer Pose
2 Rounds:
10 Knee Tucks
5 Dragon Flags
Standing Portion:
1 min Belly Breathing Standing in Neutral Stance
2 Rounds:
30/30 sec Marching Warrior Hold L/R
1 min High Horse Stance
30 sec Sissy Squat Hold
4 mins:
20 alt Punch Ups
20 alt Haymaker Squats
2 Rounds:
10 alt Hanging Side Crunch
10 alt Hanging Windshield Wiper

8 Rounds:
10 SDHP @65/95#
12 Hand Release Push Ups

3) Back Squat