There’s no question some people allowed the shutdowns to derail their fitness goals while others used the obstacles as springboards to higher levels of fitness.  Our Unstoppable 20 in 2021 crew are a great example of the latter.  7 months into the year and still going strong KMT, Silk, DT, Sprite, Hard Rock, Jedi, HHH, Smash, Shades, AV, Magnum, Shine, Dauntless & Venom appear unshakable in their quest to win this year’s challenge!

And we’re doing our bit to help them win the challenge.  With members returning from vacations and evening classes filling up we have added 6pm evening group classes across the board and you seem to be embracing them as they are quickly filling up.  As long as you keep attending them, we are happy to keep them going and we will be looking for other spots in our schedule where additional classes may be welcome.

But 2021 is not done challenging us.  Even as we expand class times and make it easier to access the gym, COVID looks to throw up a few more obstacles.  Our province is facing another wave of exponential viral spread which may necessitate a return to more restrictive measures to once again prevent overloading our medical system (thanks Jedi for the link).  This seems to be driven by the Delta variant which is able to infect vaccinated people and be spread by them too.  The good news is that vaccinated people seem to experience minor symptoms with the Delta variant.  It appears that it is largely unvaccinated people who are being hospitalized.   If you are unvaccinated you can get the Delta variant from vaccinated individuals and it is far more likely to hospitalize you than the Alpha variant.  Thus the exponential viral spread we are currently witnessing.

We all need to do our part to limit the spread of the new variant.  Whether vaccinated or not, if you have any symptoms please stay home.  We will forgive missed reservations if due to illness.  We will however ask that you join us only by Zoom until you are 14 days symptom free or have received a negative COVID test.   

One thing the pro and anti vaxxers still seem to miss in all their politicized debate is that vaccines do not kill viruses.  Your immune system does. The vaccine is effective because it primes your immune system to be able to quickly identify and attack the virus before it takes hold.  But your immune system only works effectively if you take care of it.  Sleep, exercise, nutrition are key to combating all illness.  We already know that the symptoms of COVID tend to be more severe in sedentary, overweight populations.  We know that people hospitalized with COVID symptoms tend to suffer from low vitamin D, low vitamin K2, low zinc and other vitamins and minerals essential for optimal immune function.  Let’s be clear, vitamin D does not protect you against COVID.  Neither does zinc, K2 or any other vitamin or mineral.  But all are critical for strong immune function and without that you are subject to all kinds of infections. 

Anti vaxxers who argue a strong immune system is all they need are being proven wrong.  Pro vaxxers who argue that the vaccine solves all problems are also wrong.  These either/or arguments are silly and demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of both how your immune system and vaccines work.  The vaccine puts your immune system on alert for the viral threat and a strong immune system allows you to quickly destroy the threat with minimal symptoms.  The two work hand-in-hand and, as we’re seeing, neither works great against the Delta variant without the help of the other. 

You have to be responsible for your own health.

Friday Team WOD
We have 3 GHD’s so we are going to have 3 teams per class.  Members of your team must complete 100 Hip & Back Extensions each.  Everytime you take a break you must switch who is on the GHD and you must complete 15 wall balls before you can have another turn.  The first team to get all members through 100 Hip & Back Extensions wins!  Be warned, there will be a 5 burpee penalty for your whole team everytime one of your members shorts the range of motion or tries switching to Hip Extensions instead of Hip & Back Extensions.

Warm Up
1 min Each
Cross Touch Dead Bugs
Windshield Wipers
Cross Touch Bird Dogs
Full Body Rock

Hip & Back Extension

Team WOD
100 Hip & Back Extensions each
Every break = 15 wall balls
Every bad rep = 5 burpees for the whole team