Crack Slaw
Join us 6pm next Tuesday April 21st in Super Mario’s Kitchen for the Empower Cooking Club
What you need:
1 fry pan
1 lb ground beef/pork/chicken/bison/kangaroo/yak/anything that strikes your fancy
1 package coleslaw mix (or slice your own cabbage)
Olive oil
2 cloves garlic
3 green onions
Soy sauce
White vinegar
Red pepper flakes or sriracha

This is My Rock
Training outside without equipment has certainly required a little creativity.  After a couple weeks of it I felt I was beginning to lose my edge.  I needed something to get me fired up and back on track.  On Tuesday we introduced my new training buddy for my workouts: introducing Tear Drop.  Tear Drop is helping me crush the training-outside blues and getting me back into fighting shape!

Complete Movement Pattern Interval
This workout is 5 rounds of 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, a 1-to-1 work to rest ratio.  It covers all 5 basic movement patterns: hinge, squat, upper body press, upper body pull and lunge/carry.  You will be using the same load for all 5 movements so you need only one implement.  This one was designed to be done with a loaded backpack but you could use a weight plate, a rock, a case of beverages, a barbell, a kettlebell, a dumbbell or even 2 dumbbells.  The goal is to keep moving for the entire 30 seconds so choose your loading appropriately.  For everyone not named Brick, the shoulder press will likely be your limiting factor so use that to determine your load selection.  We’re trying to accumulate as many reps as possible, you’ll need a note pad and pen to track your reps each round.  The 30 second rest interval provides plenty of time for tracking score.

Round one I was still not fully warmed up and dogged it a bit accumulating only 106 reps.  Warmed up, in round 2 I picked up speed and completed 115 reps.  I finished the second round feeling that this program or my load were too easy and it wasn’t going to be much of a workout.  But in round 3 I slipped to 114 reps.  Then round 4 the rest intervals began to seem a bit too short as I slipped to 113 reps and I realized I was in it!  Round 5 was a real struggle as sweat blurred my glasses blinding me.  I pushed through to score 120 reps in the final round for a total score of 568 reps but I was shaken and a bit nauseated by the effort.  It turned out to be a good one after all!

Pick a weight you can handle confidently and go after this one aggressively.  The movements are complimentary and do not much interfere with one another and the 30 second breaks are enough to catch your breath so muscular endurance and cardio should not limit your performance too much and you can go hard every 30 second interval!

Warm Up/Tech
2 Rounds:
10 Deadlifts
10 Shoulder Presses
10 Front Squats
10 Bent Over Rows
10 Front Rack Reverse Lunges

5 Rounds:
30 sec Deadlift, 30 sec rest
30 sec Shoulder Press, 30 sec rest
30 sec Front Squat, 30 sec rest
30 sec Bent Over row, 30 sec rest
30 sec Front Rack Reverse Lunge, 30 sec rest

Cool Down
Dragon Pose
Pigeon Pose
Hip Cross Overs
Shoulder Pull Overs
Quad Stretch
Downward Dog